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On to Death Valley and then Ancient Bristlecone Pines up North
Palm Springs & the Salton Sea
The next morning we set out towards Palm Springs, by way of a visit to the Salton Sea. Landlocked and saline, it's actually a huge birdlife congregation area.

Heavylift & The Concorde
Our plan was to spend a night in Palm Springs for now, and then come back after our big hike in several days. There was enough time to get to the Visitor Center and buy passes for the aerial tramway.... and get a trip in just before it got dark.
Arriving in Palm Springs it was pretty warm, and the local birds were looking for places to roost out of the sun...
the outside temperature gauge in the car says it all.
A lot more elevation to the top, and we get out for a look.
And what does Jackie see from her perch at the railing??..
Well, Palm Springs as if from an airplane!
On the way down, the rock faces are full of artwork.
Once again on Terra Firma we find a good pizza place in town and then head for the Hotel Zoso, in prep for a busy day tomorrow.