After leaving the Oregon Dunes NRA, we went inland on hwy 38 and got onto I-5 north at Anlauf, heading north through Eugene and on towards Portland. We were origianlly planning to go to Rainier, but the weather up there was not good, so we decided to head staright for Glacier NP instead.

Taking a the I-205 to avoid getting intot he city, we got onto I-84 which dramically follows the south side of the Coumbia River. passing through The Dalles, we continued through Arlington and Boardman ,and then took the I-82N to Kennewick. If you're in this are, heading towards Glacier, and need a place to camp, then go north from Kennewick on the 395 for about 20 miles. Take hwy 17 north to Scootenay Reservoir for a great camping location.

In the middle of July, there were only a couple of other vehicles, absolutely no bugs, and gorgeaous campsites.
Scooting out of Scootenay the next moring at 9:30, we caught the I-90 and stayed on it through Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, now going southeast toward Missoula. We torned off before then at Wye, onto the 93N up to Kaplispell on the west side of the park.
We made it into the park at 8:30 p.m. along Route 486 but there were no vacancies for camping at Apgar campground.

No problem.

This part of the country has vast tracts of BLM (Bureau of Land Management), where you can follow fire roads and camp when you find a good spot.

We followed Hwy 2 east and turned off the road to Hungry Horse dam, drove over the dam and went a few miles on the winding dir road until we found a great flat overlook well off the road.

Into Glacier the next morning, and got a site at Apgar. Then we headed out to explore by car.
Lake MacDonald near the Apgar canmpground.
Going to the Sun Road
The Red Bus Tours are reminiscent of the Fred Harvey Hotel Luxury and the Harvey Gilr pioneers of the west a century ago.
In the afternoon we hiked along the Hidden Lake Trail from the Visitor Center, and met an interesting variety of Beings along the way., many of whom took time to pose for portraits.

Apgar campground

We decided to go over to the East Glacier side of the park for the day and overnight so we went the full way across through the park, and stopped for a hike at St. Mary Falls.
A very nice campsite for the night at St. Mary Camp on the east side of the park.

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