A Trip around the Southwest
This is Jackie's first trip to the Southwest deserts and mountains, so there will be lots to see. We start by flying into Vegas, staying in Boulder City a few miles away, so we can get an early arrival at the Hoover Dam first thing next morning. Then we plan a bee-line to Zion National Park for some backcountry hiking, followed by a big circle route through many of the best southwest places...sort of like a desert sampler.
Approaching Las Vegas, you can just see Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park as a strip of sand in the middle of the window.
The Sands Motel is always a nice place to stay in Boulder City, and is only 20 minutes away from Vegas for those who "Can't Wait"
A 5 minute walk from the motel, we have a great dinner.
Now it's onward and outbound, with the first stop being the Hoover dam tomorrow morning...
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