Snow Canyon State Park
This park is very close to St. George and is very popular. It's well taken care of, and the showers are awesome...large, well lit, heated, and lots of hot water. ..basically a Five Star.
On our way out of town, we get a bit more rural, and the wildlife comes out of hiding.
Pedestrian Priority
Gila Monsters on the move
Five Star showers
Our campsite has a good view, is backed by a large rock outcrop and is surrounded by bushes and trees. It's on a loop with very few other sites.
perfect campsite
After we get set up, it's exploring time. The lava forms some interesting patterns on the cliffs.

With a bit of imagination, can you see a stylized map of Canada?

Map in the Making ?
The hallmark of the park is the petrified sand dunes. They are vast and varied, somewhat like those outside the Mt. Carmel tunnel at Zion....
Dave in the Distance
Can you see the distant hiker? Click to see.
... but with a major difference: these often contain bazillions of small lava spheres embedded throughout the rock. As the rock weathers, the little balls are released.
Rock & Roll
more and more
ready to roll
in the channels
Rock & Roll... "a One and a Two..."
then more and more...
in channels...
In the evening, waiting for their moment to run...
Orinoco Flow
in the Orinoco Flow
and by the morning, have reached safe haven.

The next morning, the sun casts a golden glow. How did these rocks come to be like this?
Ancient Things
early morning climbers
As the light comes up, the climbers are already hard at it before the sunbeams start heating the wall.

These guys will get up later.

Out of Town
But now it's time to pack up and head off for the Grand Canyon. Back through St. George we go, onto the open road.
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