airport color
Here's an unusual airport wall.
I had a couple of evenings to stroll around, so here are a few highlights. They pretty much speak for themselves.
Street Signs written on the subway walls and tenement halls
Evening travel
a sense of purpose
A sense of purpose
The other flag is one you see flying at many border crossings. It's black and white... the POW * MIA flag.
Walking all around the green spaces downtown, you come across, nestled in the trees not far from the Lincoln Memorial, another memorial, also black and white.
It invites reflection in so many ways...


Wall Reflections
Across the Generations
Across the Generations


As it gets darker it's time to head back to the hotel, and so I stroll back down the streets of Georgetown. There is an echo of Europe here.
I'll close this trip report with a photograph taken near the hotel... that reminds me of conquering mountains and climbs, and also of how co-operation can make so many things possible.

I wish you all good health, deep happiness, love, close friends and time to enjoy them. 

Until next time,

Instead of heading straight home to Ottawa out of Vegas McCarron, I sent my bags ahead via UPS and went east to Washington D.C. for a meeting. It was a few busy days of business (renewable energy and storage) but I did manage to get out walking quite a bit. So, a few images before finally heading home.

Return to Mahogany Flat
A Stop-Off in D.C.
Evening Travel

Street Signs...
..."written on subway walls, and tenement halls"
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