Bryce Canyon
After the lava hiking, a jaunt up to Bryce Canyon sounded good. Here there are huge hoodoos that populate the canyon and make for spectacular hikes up, down and through.

back to Lava Falls
We got there in good time, and settled into our log cabin about 150 feet from the rim.
our log cabin
great roofing
Notice the shakes on the roof, and how they undulate. Top notch stuff, and well maintained!
Getting our backpacks on, off we went.

hoodoo too
There are trails of varying lengths for everyone, decending from the rim here, and going down amongst the spires and valleys.
sandstone window
Can you see through the window? It gets bigger every year.
hoodoo 3
stereo pair
Hoodoo stereoo
walking canyon
sandstone serpentine
Hoodoo too
Dave silhouette
sandstone switchbacks
We spent a good few hours cruising around various loops and got back up later in the afternoon. Then it was time to think about dinner, and stroll around the rim.
window relections
sunny shop window
warm fire
Pretty soon it was getting dark. Before heading out for a few night pictures, enjoy a nice warm fire and a glass of wine (or two)...
not far from rim
close to rim
...and finishing off our brief visit here, a star pattern through the cool night air.
Reel and Dance
Off to Mahogany Flat and the Panamint Mountains
from the rim walk