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                                              There is an old physics joke that goes:

                                                                  .. And GOD Said:

                                                              1.          ∇.D=p

                                                              2.          ∇.B=0

                                                              3.     ∇xE=-∂B/∂t

                                                              4.    ∇xH= ∂D/∂t+j

                                                     ...and THEN There Was Light

Fortunately, we don't need to actually use Maxwell's equations
when we seek to capture the elusive light
as it paints images on the landscapes around us.

Analog & Digital

The last few years I have had more time to explore both the landscapes themselves, and the art of imaging them. Most of the photographs you will see here are still created the traditional way, that is to say, on film. After developing them in the downstairs darkroom, I digitize them with a high resolution hi-bit drum scanner. Now in the realm of digital, they are archived on DLT tape and eventually printed on an Epson 4000 wide format printer. For such film-based medium format images, the scanned-file size is typically 200-300 megapixels. Consequently, final print sizes of  60 inch width or greater, with no artifacts of up-interpolation, are easily accomplished. Most of the images in the gallery are downsized from these files.

Recently, in my spare time, I have shot a few thousand frames in low resolution digital (8-16 megapixels).  These can make very acceptable 16x20 prints .  Combined with new lens correction software, and attention to control points, multiple frames can be stitched together to achieve a high resolution image. Vernal Falls  in the gallery following illustrates the result. It was formed by combining more than 25 individual frames, and contains 200 megapixels of useful data.

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First, process the films in the darkroom

downstairs darkroom

and then digitize with the drum scanner

Drum Scanner Room

So without further ado, here are some sample photographs from my portfolio...

Big SurBig Sur

Mackenzie King Ruins Mackenzie King Ruins



Oakland WindowOakland Window


Canyonlands BCanyonlands B


Art Deco DoorsArt Deco Doors

Grand Canyon AGrand Canyon A


Manti La Sal HarbingerHarbinger

Indian ArchIndian Arch

Monument ValleyMonument Valley

Totem Pole SunriseTotem Pole Sunrise

Skidoo CarSkidoo Car

Tahoe TreeTahoe Tree

Vogelsang Panorama AVogelsang Panorama A

Red Canyon ARed Canyon A

Panamint Valley APanamint Valley A

Pacific Seafoam APacific Seafoam A

Yosemite FallsYosemite Falls

Vernal Falls CompositeVernal Falls Composite

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