Here are a few images of local wildlife, mostly from the Gatineau Hills in the National Capital Region of Ottawa/Hull.

I plan to add pictures as we take them. It may be a bit slow over the winter, depending on how much skiing & hiking gets done!
Looks like an Algonquin Wolf     November 2011
A big bellied bear getting ready for a winter nap   November 2011
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"Hurry up! Just pile it on. It's not the Cheops pyramid you know!"
3 beavers enjoy listening to a Kalimba concert     Gatineau Park November 2010
Gritty picture of a Moose hiding as we pass by near Huron Lodge    October 2009

It just walked gently across the trail 50 feet in front of us, and stopped for a few minutes to listen to a whistled tune.
Midnight Skulker - small wolf or coyote     November 2011
Wildlife Photography in Gatineau Park and beyond